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Hey all,

We wanted to take a moment to share (mostly) full details on the upcoming Membership revamp we have in store for you all.

As our producer, nophex, mentioned in the ongoing Update 4.10 Feedback thread, we’ll have a bunch of new bonuses and rewards for Members once the new system is implemented.

Membership will now grant the following:

A passive 30% bonus to PvE and PvP XP, including AA for as long as you’re a member. This replaces the Blessing of Asura. The Blessing of Asura will be removed from all characters.
15 Teleport Coins, per character, each month for free.
Boosted Token gains from Raids, PvP and Khitai areas.
A passive 30% increase to all faction gains.
The ability to unlock Alternate Advancement perks via time, starting at Level 20.
An additional AA point per level gained.
+7 Character slots. New, Free accounts made after the transition start with 1 character slot by default. All existing accounts will keep however many slots they had.
Increased Quest Journal capacity.
Unlimited gold capacity.

Important: Offline Levels are being completely removed from the game once the new membership system goes live. We’re aiming at June 30th; this date is subject to change, but you should use your offline levels by then, as they will disappear after the changes go live!

Monthly bonus points are not a part of Membership.

Veteran Tokens are no longer gained with Membership, but players will keep what they had and may still use them at Veteran vendors. Instead of Veteran Tokens, Members will be enrolled in The Loyalty Rewards program. This offers awesome new rewards for our Members at 30, 60, 90, 180, and 360-day tiers, including a brand-new mount type as the top-end reward. Additional rewards will be unveiled every 6 months.

We are also implementing a daily login reward and challenge system which will grant various rewards for free, including consumables, tokens, AA XP, and more.

An active membership will not be required to enter *any* content you have already purchased. This means any Rise of the Godslayer or Dragon’s Spine playfield, including associated raids and Unchained dungeons. Dragon’s Spine will be sold separately in a new content pack. If you are an active Member at the time the new system launches, we’ll give you the Dragon’s Spine pack for free!

Membership and Rise of the Godslayer are no longer required to use the Alternate Advancement system.

And, last but certainly not least, we’re going to have a new, lower price point for the 30-day membership. More info to come.

That about wraps up what’s going on; if I missed anything, I’ll be sure to add on to this. Yeah, I'm breaking our own forums' rules. I plan on merging the F2P forums with the main forums after the new system launches, but in the meantime I've put a copy of this thread here so you all can weigh on the matter. Cheers!


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W item shopie można kupić kompletny set pvp t2, ubraną w t3 i przygotowaną do rajdów t4/t5/t6 postać na 80 lvlu - jak ktoś chce wrócić to za $$ szybko nadrabia "gear gap" między nowym graczem a weteranem.

Weterani płaczą i quitują.

W pvp pojawiła się arena 1vs1 jakiś czas temu. Oczywiście pomysł dobry, ale słabe wykonanie. Nie wiem czy poprawili czas oczekiwania, ale jak miałem czekać 30 minut na swoją kolejkę gapiąc się na duele innych to sobie odpuściłem.

Rajdy t5/t6 cholernie trudne i z tego co kojarzę jak na razie chyba tylko 2 gildie zrobiły final bossa. Gear t5/t6 niby pve, a znów ponoć lepiej sprawdza się w pvp.

W nowym item shopie też kolejny op item - potka z +7% do krytyków = znów whine na tesco players.

Na testach wyszukiwarka raidów i instancji, które mają wejść w najbliższym czasie.


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ile to ma kosztować, taki secik 1000$?
kto ma kaskę to sobie kupi, kto nie ma to ma szanse na rajdzie wydropic.
Mnie martwi ze pchaja kaske w conana exiles i tsw a nie w conana


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Cytuj ... -5-0-Notes

update 5.0


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Membership Update
We’ve just upgraded Premium Membership for everybody! What does it mean to be a Member now? It means you get new, constant perks that remain active for as long as you’re a member--plus access to the new Loyalty Rewards program! For more details, please read here.

Free-to-Play Changes
You may now access any area you own, regardless of your membership status. You no longer need to keep buying access passes or membership in order to enter Raids, Unchained Dungeons, or playfields from expansions you already bought. Please remember that you still need to own the appropriate pack (such as Rise of the Godslayer) in order to access these areas.

Raid Finder
The new Raid Finder is now available! This feature allows you and other like-minded players to queue for and enter a raid dungeon together! The Raid Finder rotates a different dungeon each week. New rewards await! Look for the magnifying glass icon on the top-left of your screen, next to the Playfield Access button.

Challenge yourself! You may open your Challenge Journal from a new Treasure Chest icon in the top-right of your screen, or with the default keybind of [Shift + C]. Daily Challenges offer new goals and incentives to play various aspects of the game. As you complete more challenges, you will progress towards daily and weekly rewards that contain high-value items!

Daily Rewards
A new reward every day! This may be found through a new Calendar-shaped icon in the top-right of your screen, or with the default keybind of [ . ]. Daily Rewards may be claimed once every 24 hours, per account. Rewards never expire and don’t have to be claimed on consecutive days! Rewards become more powerful as you progress, and once all rewards have been claimed, the table will reset. Clicking on an icon of any reward will show you more information about that item.

Removed the membership requirement for all playfields!
Dragon's Spine and associated playfields (including T5 and T6 raids) now require the Dragon's Spine content pack to be accessed.
Updated the Premium Teleport list to include a teleport to Dragon's Spine.
The AA offline system is now available from level 20.
Removed the Rise of the Godslayer expansion requirement from AA window.
Resolved numerous environmental issues in the Purple Lotus Swamp.
Fixed an issue that could cause combat music to stack on top of itself and play several tracks indefinitely.
Added a new vendor to Old Tarantia next to the Portent vendor. This vendor offers new items in exchange for Atlantean Shards.

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Ossur podbiles u mnie wsrod 'znajomych' AoC do top10 ;)

EvE Online - Highlander Northcourt.

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